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That’s so dog! Why more and more pet owners are choosing private jet charters for Fido

Posted by admin on July 21, 2016
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Whatever next? Dogs so precious they have to fly on private jets, is this really happening?

The verdict is yes, whatever doggie wants, doggie gets it seems, even his own little couch on a plane.

We spoke to Chris Emms, head of product at UGuest about pets on planes;

Chris, are many people booking flights for their pets these days?

“It’s not as many as you would think, but it happens. I have just today quoted one of our customers for a poodle to fly from Cannes to London ( with the owner) and as part of our white glove service we offer whatever customers want, so dogs are more than welcome!”

That’s great but how much does it cost to get a dog on a flight?  Is it extortionate?

“Private jet flight prices really vary, the difference in quotes even within our own network can be as much as several thousand pounds for the same route on the same day.  People are often surprised and mystified when I tell them that it can be as little as £200 to fly on a private jet, using an empty leg service in a group for example, but of course it depends where you want to go, and prices fluctuate.  If we are talking about dogs in particular, then the dog is admitted into the jet at no extra charge to the owner who books the full plane.”

But surely,  they need passports?

“Each country has varying rules and regulations as to the importation of pets.  The UK government has a scheme called PETS (Pet Travel Scheme) which allows pet dogs, cats and ferrets from certain countries, so it’s not as hard as you might think”

How does it work?

” The flight attendants extend their premium service to the dog. They always make sure the dog has the right food, drink and bedding, and even litter trays can be made available so the dog gets VIP treatment, just as much as the owners do!”

So it’s clear, dogs are man’s best friend and could even be a good excuse to try out a jet charter, but please, hold off on the diamante collars, it’s so last year…